I have the bad habit of leaving my computer on sometimes, so my dad always shuts it down because it drives him nuts. but he knows not to close photoshop without saving my drawings and this is the shit he saves them as. 

Who is Armin



I have the bad habit of leaving my computer on sometimes, so my dad always shuts it down because it drives him nuts. but he knows not to close photoshop without saving my drawings and this is the shit he saves them as. 

Who is Armin

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This is, in fact, the most important post on the internet.

Every male should be required to read this.

Every person on earth should read this. 


Coming from a boy: When another guy says, “Oh, I see its that time of month again.” I actually want to punch you in the dick and make your genitals bleed, cause fuck you, maybe you’re right but it’s disrespectful in my mind to be pointing it out and if this is what girls go through you should understand they have the right to be a bit short tempered during those 5 days.

Thank god someone gets it. I hate it when people call girls out on it, that’s just downright shameful and rude as hell.


praise the lord that this exists


I reblog this every time I see this because it’s just to perfect

everyone needs to read this. I remember my first period- I was projectile vomiting for a whole week, while agonizing pain constantly stabbed at my abdomen to the point where I couldn’t sleep at all

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how weird would it be to be jensen or jared or mishas kids 12 years from now when they start spending time on the internet like “hey dad im going to get this thing called a tumblr-” “NODONTDOTHATTHATSNOTAGOODIDEAYOUDONTWANTTOSEEANYOFTHATNO”

Imagine if they find destiel smut “oh whats thaWHAT THE FUCK THIS IS PORN ABOUT MY DAD”


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so one time when i was in 8th grade my school went on a camping trip at this camp and at night we all went around the campfire and told stories

and one of the instructors pointed up at the hill where a bunch of deer had gathered. he explained that baby deer make certain noises to call their mothers over. he said if we were really quiet we could hear them

suddenly this huge black guy came out from the forest and yelled YO MAMA WHERE YOU AT


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Please help me raise money for top surgery



Hi, I’m Charlie/Bandit I’m 17 and I live in Seattle and I really need help raising money for top surgery!!

I’m ‘homeless’ (technically considered couch surfing despite the fact that im certain my housing is currently stable aside from threats from my mother) living with my partner and their family here and working with my case manager to try and get emancipated as soon as possible. 

My mom is abusive and threatens me constantly and tried kidnapping me a few months ago. I stopped living with her when i was 14 (lived with an aunt, then my dad, then a friend, then a family friend, and now my partner for over a year) and am now 17 and doing fine on my own aside from constant threats. I have an internship going to turn into a job, am a senior in high school, have social workers i meet with weekly. 

Onto the surgery talk, getting it covered by the state insurane i currently have would be really hard with none of my doctors bothering to take note of my backpain because apparently if youre a teenager you cant have back pain? Right? And even if they did I can only get taken down to a C cup. unless i can manage to talk so doctors into insurance fraud (doesnt seem all too likely).

My breasts are 30K cups. They’re really immensely painful, if I can feel anything in them at all. After getting breast exams and going to doctors for the pain they recommended trying for breast reduction surgery, or getting more supportive bras (which are nearly impossible to find in my size, and the ones i can find i cant afford) I cant really feel anything touching the skin just pressure and constant soreness/bruises. Theyre lumpy and ‘weirdly dense’ and are 100% stretch marks but my doctors don’t seem to think theres anything too wrong with them aside from that (though i have to go to a specialist now for some possible gland issues but they said its “almost definitely something not to worry about i wont need surgery or anything”). But really dense K cups are really heavy, like really heavy. And its awful. I can feel them pulling on my shoulders and back all the time. I can hardly stand up straight, I go from being 6’3 to like 5’9 with how much I hunch to try and keep my back comfortable . Forget about not having to wear a bra 100% of the time so much as taking a shower can leave them and my shoulders sore and weak. Even if I try and sleep without a bra I wake up in too much pain and usually have crushed one of them in the night and bruised them.

When I’m on my period (which is almost 100% of the time for some reason, that no birth control has been able to help) theyre so sore that a light touch can leave me crying. I mean normally if you poke them at all it can bruise them but on my period its fucking ridiculous.

I cant bind because it leaves them so sore and in so much pain and leaves me unable to breathe. and it only takes me down to like a c cup anyways so its not worth the pain and feeling like im going to break a rib and stop breathing. Im stuck trying to hide my chest the best I can with layers and shitty ‘medium’ size sports bras  from target that dont even really fit, they hold them up just enough but it doesn’t really work and it sucks.

It would be hella rad if people could help me out with top surgery and stuff cause I really need it a lot.


Please, please consider donating to me or signal boosting this so i can get top surgery or at least get a bra in my size or something.



Last night I went to Starbucks and when the guy finished my drink, he bent down and wispered, “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.” I just smiled and took my drink, and while I was leaving I heard the other worker saying: “WOULD YOU STOP TELLING PEOPLE THAT, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR INSPERATIONAL SHIT!” and the guy responded with, “Gurl, there is no way in hell I am letting you dull my sparkle.” 

Oh my god. 

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